Saturday, September 20, 2008

Head em up - move em out.........

Grace (the RV) and Louie (the sweet truck) that is and the Doodle bunch are on the road again. Ya hear Willie Nelson singing that tune "on the road again"......I always do when we pack up.

We are leaving the beautiful community of Gunnison, Colorado and this loverly RV park where we have thoroughly enjoyed our time thanks to P & S. Plus all the nice folks that spend their summer here...........most of them were quite enjoyable.

So we are headed south to spend time with sister and brother-in-law, family and friends before our next adventure..................stay tuna'd


Chris said...

Have a safe trip and fun visit with your family.

If you get anywhere near Sacramento, you let me know!


Moon said...

I don't care if you hear On the Road Again, just don't hear Back Home Again, in Indiana! Hear California Here I Come!

ashpags said...

Have a fun, safe trip! I can't wait to see your pictures from the road; have enjoyed the CO ones so much! =)