Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Mr President Elect Obama and family

this is a message from Buddy our cat...........

Dear Obama family,

Would you please explain to me why you are considering a dog to live with you in the White House? Is there a reason why you have not considered a cat? We are not near the trouble as a dog, the girls would not have a problem emptying the cat litter box. Not sure they would be able to walk the dog and carry a pooper scooper at all hours of the day..........won't they be in school?

I can't see Mrs Obama doing this and I sure as heck know y'all are not going to have time. Maybe it would be relaxing for you while trying to solve the problems of the world but I doubt it seriously.

Do me a favor Mr Obama, go to this site and see some of the photos of cats of the world and then tell me a cat shouldn't be on y'alls wish list.

I know dogs can be a lot of fun but come on give us felines a chance.

Whatever your choice I respect your decision after all that's why I or actually my human voted for ya.........she thinks your pretty special, me I'll wait till y'all get your new fur baby.

Good Luck

Buddy the cat, a senior member of the Doodles Gypsy Caravan

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Bee said...

My name is Percy. My human has both dogs and cats. And she is most definitely of the opinion that I am far easier to deal with than that big goofy dog she has. She's cute (the dog, not the human, who's kind og cute, too) but she sure is messy andloud. So we would cast our vottes for a cat, too.