Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I drank the Kool Aid folks

Prior to becoming lot managers for a Christmas tree lot we have always had real trees with the exception of one year when we had no tree cause we were traveling to be with family. One other time I went crazy and collected big maple branches that had broken off, painted then all green, put them in a pot and hung ornaments on them..............I know what you're thinking.

So some points to ponder when buying your tree for Christmas.

Feel good about buying a REAL tree. Real trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Plantation trees, that's what Christmas tree lots carry, are quickly biodegradable and seedlings are planted in the place of each tree harvested. And don't y'all just love the smell of a fresh cut tree?

Artificial tree are normally made of plastic (petroleum based product) and metal. The creation of artificial trees uses energy and some pollution into the environment during the process. Artificial tree are not biodegradable.
Real Christmas trees are good for the environment AND the economy, and we all know both need help.

Here's a
site for you to check out if you care to read more.

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Bee said...

I've never,ever had an artificial tree. Last year, in a moment of insanity, considered getting one and my daughter quickly put an end to that! When I came to, it was decided that we will continue to never, ever have an artificial tree.