Sunday, November 02, 2008

Life is never DULL

So I get up this morning throw on my ugly walking clothes, a little change for a newspaper and grab my cell phone. I see as I walk out my door the parking lot covered with trucks, lights and people.

WTH..............they are filming something right in the parking lot of my pumpkin patch. I'm somewhat of a nosy soul, so I forgo the walk and wander over to where the crowd is gathered. There was a catering check there to accommodate the crew, how nice of them to offer me a donut and a coffee

They are filming a scene for the TV show Eli Stone Never heard of it before but I do like one of the actors that's in the series Victor Garber Take a look at his bio and I'll bet you recognize him. He was on set but a fair distance to be able to get a photo.

Might I also add that Julia Roberts wandered into our Pumpkin Patch with children in tow. I would not have recognized her had I had not seen her up close. She wasn't the only celebrity that came in but certainly one that Mr Doodles was sorry he missed.

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