Wednesday, November 07, 2007

paid in full.......

Did I happen to mention there are Indian Gaming CASINOS here in the desert?

Well last nite after a lovely dinner sister Moon put together and some rowdy conversation around said dinner table, we all got ready to go back to our respective RV's, when Mr Nutz and I decided we should go see how the construction was going on the local casino. Agua Caliente happens to be in the midst of a very large expansion. Didn't have any takers to come along sooooooooo off we went. Let me just say this I walked away at 12:15 am with enough winnings to pay for the trip to the DAMN!!!

Now I wonder if I should go back tonite to see how the construction is going...............stay tuna'd!!!

PS..........must also mention that I sure do miss having my sweet niece here with the gathering of the clan. Her and her husband a traveling to London for a conference. But lil bird please know we talked about y'all ;)

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ashpags said...

Hey! I was in fact very excited when my photo went up! =)

Testing is going...I have one more regular test tomorrow, and then finals in a few weeks. Ick.

I'm jealous you ordered PS Elements! I'm hoping to get some money for Christmas that I can put toward buying it one of these days.

Hope y'all are having a great day! =)