Sunday, December 02, 2007


is actually no laughing matter. Oh acrophobia is a fear of heights. And it can be quite debilitating. Most folks that have a fear of heights have no problem whatsoever going up in an airplane. I think it's when said acrophobia person puts two feet off the ground out in the wide open spaces that's when the fear sets in big time.

But now let me tell you about Mr Doodles, my resident acrophobic. Now I know why he never wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower. When visiting our friends in Canada this summer, dear Mr Nutz was kind enough to get up on the roof of our RV to install some needed goodies. I was very grateful for the task, hell Mr Nutz has no fear. Anyway why would Mr Doodles get up on the roof when he has his friend Mr Nutz, the guy wasn't born yesterday ya know.

OK now cut to the rain we had a couple a days ago. We have an enclosed satellite dish on the roof of the RV. The enclosure is plastic and needs to be cleaned. That's coming from the company that makes the satellite system. Ya gotta get up there clean it off with the proper cleaner and then spray this stuff on it used for plastic only. No mam ya can't use RainX that's for glass ya have to use this stuff. Ok, ok I'll go find this stuff. Well low and behold good old WalMart has it I discover. So I get a bottle of this stuff and then some bug and tar remover cleaner. Take it home, share the information with Mr Doodles and his answer was "when the water dries off the roof of the RV I'll go up there". HA!!! Go to bed that nite thinking I can do this right. I know of Mr Doodles hesitant nature when he goes up a ladder more than two rungs.

That morning I'm sitting at the computer and I hear this noise, like someone is throwing something on the roof or walking around. WTH I realized, HOLY SHIT what are you doing up
there? Well I didn't want ya to miss your show tonite............HOLY CRAP!!!

Some days the boy just amazes me!!!

ya just never know what's next so stay tuna'd.......


ashpags said...

Aww, good for him!!! =)

Moon said...

That, my dear, is true love. Fix that man some spaghetti!

Bee said...

That IS true love. What a brave thing to do. I know because I am a fellow sufferer - I have difficulty walking out on a pier!

He's a good un!

Doodles said...

So good I'm making him spaghetti tonite ;)