Friday, December 07, 2007

Now it's on to Christmas

and I have yet to come in contact with the Christmas spirit. Where does one find that so very important tool?

Maybe I'll get in the truck drive around Tucson in the 75* plus heat, turn the radio to the Sirius station that is playing at Christmas music all the time. Well they did play a few of my favorites such as Johnny Mathis singing my mommas favorite tunes of the season. There's a story to that and I will share it later. Also they played Brian Setzer's very wild Christmas tunes. If you haven't heard his music go pop on over to Amazon and listen to snippets. His music will put ya into the Christmas spirit sorta.

Well the music didn't really send me over the top with the spirit of the holidays BUT I did get an idea!!! A couple of years ago I volunteered at the library to read to little ones. Most of which were pre-school age. And if you have never had the opportunity to read to oh maybe eight or ten preschoolers go do it just once, cause it's a hoot.

So I went to the local library, asked if they needed readers for the little darlings during the day. Well you would have thought I was giving them a winning Lotto ticket. The conversation went a little like this....... "Yes, yes, yes, please when can you read, coulda ya come Monday morning at ten and Wednesday afternoon at three. Well, a I guess, but don't ya wanna know something about me like my name and a little background. Sure go ahead she said, here write down your name and phone number. Do you have a Christmas sweater or a shirt that's festive? We want to read some Holiday stories during the next few weeks. Sure I have something festive I can wear. Good we'll see you on Monday, come early so you can meet the other volunteers and we can have coffee. OK I'll see ya Monday.......thanks."

Now I'm not sure how to take that conversation. I don't want to over analyze so I am keeping an open mind till after Wednesday. I'm gracious, I'll give them two days, actually I'm only giving them a couple a stay tuna'd I might just be finding the Christmas spirit within those little pre-schoolers.


Bee said...

It's a Christmas miracle! They needed someone special to read to the children and you needed to read to the children. So the Chrismas angel hooked y'all up. The librarian took one look at you and knew deep within her that you were good people and would read to those children in such a way that EVERYBODY would get the Christmas spirit; she knew miracles didn't come with references! And when you're through reading, you'll look out of the library windows and the snow will start to gently fall. Then you'll hold hands and sing Silent Night )while the librarian turns places the baby Jesus in the Nativity Scene (this is not a policitcally correct story) and turns on the Christmas tree lights.

I bet it will happen just that way!

Moon said...

I hope they didn't hold last year's reader hostage and you just arriving in town wouldn't have read it in the paper. ha!

I'm sure you'll have fun with the little critters, at least they don't bite as much as your cat.

Doodles said...

oh wow sister I never thought of that...must check the closets on Monday.

Thanks for your kind words Bee.