Friday, August 14, 2009

Slow drivers

drive me crazy. I live with a slow driver. He does drive me crazy at times but then he is driving a Big A$$ truck and dragging our house and all our worldly goods (well not all) but certainly a lot of them. And one of his favorite boasts, Mr doesn't boast a lot, but he does tend to boast about the good fuel mileage he gets by driving at a normal speed. Anyway this sweet little guy was saved to live many more days because my man drives slow and today didn't drive me crazy.

Came around the corner and here was this sweet little guy. Heard the truck and started leaping as we crawled along not knowing which way this gut was gonna go. He finally decided to run in front of the truck and the the embankment to a pretty spot down by the Gunnison River.

They aren't the best photos I have ever taken out the window but this little creature was not about to stop and pose.


Bee said...

Now, I know Mr. Doodles is perfect. Therefore, driving slow is just another in his long list of virtues. (You may remind me of this the next time I'm riding with my slow driver.)

What a cool thing to see as you're driving slowly down the road.

the Provident Woman said...

It's always fun to see animals in the wild when in the car.