Wednesday, February 06, 2008


when you make a Lenten pledge, such as the one I made that requires knowing how many steps/miles you walk.

Wouldn't ya think I woulda checked the batteries on my pedometer....well I didn't. But Mr Doodles is pretty good at estimating mileage so I told him the route I was taking and he told me about how far a three mile trek would be.

I'm headed out after my shower to buy a battery for the dern pedometer. But I did take my camera with me and took a couple a snaps along the way........look here.

stay tuna'd...........


Gemma said...

So you are walking through southern Az. right now??? I found you through OWOH. I live in Phx area. This is a beautiful trek you are taking and lucky the weather is good!!!!

Moon said...

Good for you. I'm going to take on your challenge and walk three miles a day. It just so happens that's what my normal trek is, not that I've walked it in a while. I'm starting off today. I was thinking of a pedometer but didn't know what kind to buy.

Don't forget to drink a lot of water.