Friday, January 08, 2010

Goals.....................mine UPDATE

I keep forgetting to mention for Christmas I received from my sweet niece a terrific new pedometer that I just love. Ahhhhhhhhh it doesn't lie *>*

I figure if I write them down I'm more accountable, no hiding now.

I'm gonna get my butt outta bed, stretch first then walk before tea.

I'm gonna come back and fix breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

I'm gonna use my resistence bands for a half hour sometime during the day.

I'm gonna do all of the above five days out of seven glorious days of the week.

Now to the hard part.

Watch my intake of the bad stuff and eat more than I already do of the good stuff. No dieting here just re-arranging my eating habits. Never deprive yourself of a treat. Tottsie rolls and Dove chocolate are minimal in the caloric count.

And ya know what.................Mr will benefit from this as well, cept he won't walk.


Anonymous said...

You are inspiring me. I've signed up for Sparks (yes, they are filling my inbox with informing info).

I'm not as brave as you to publish my goals, but let's say that I'm walking more, thinking before I put junk food in my mouth and sometimes that even means, it doesn't go in my mouth! and in general just trying to be more AWARE.

Good luck with your goals for the New Year and keep us informed.

Moon said...

… before tea? You are brave. I bought my bands today and will give them a try. Good luck. We're all behind your shrinking behind.

Doodles said...

Glad to be of some inspiration K.........thinking about what you pop in your mouth is just about half the battle.

Doubting my shrinking behind will be shrinking in this challenge but at least I will be healthier.....I think.