Monday, March 05, 2007

Well ~~~ we did it...

We are now the proud owners of a 5th wheel trailer. Now the truck should be here in the next 6 weeks and we will be nomads.
Rather looking forward to being free to roam.

A couple of snaps of the interior for your viewing pleasure.

You already know the TV will be replaced by a larger unit.

The cream colored leather chairs are good for us retired folk!

And the kitchen area is just big enough.

Under that TV is a computer station. So many comforts and we opted out of the fireplace.

More photos to follow...stay tuna'd
16 more sleeps!!!


doodles said...

Wow, is all I can say.

Ilva said...

What, do you comment on your own posts?
I can't believe that you can get that much comfort, it looks absolutely great!!

mooncrazy said...

The first comment was by me, sister moon. I was signed in a doodles to do something else and forget to sign out.

So Moon says, WOW! Dan likes it too. Wants to know if on this "Rambler" are the arm rests bolted on? Ask your darling, he'll know what he means.i

tiedye said...

This is too much Doo . . . I'm drooling. I know you're busy packing and thinking about lots of things but aren't you just so excited about this new home that you can't SEE STRAIGHT????? It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! JUST that the sink is on a diagonal so you don't bonk you haid oh my gosh..... besides all the creature comforts and OH I can't even begin to take it all in. I'm buyin' you the ugly colored lantern lights for your housewarming gift. Har.