Saturday, March 31, 2007

Concerned over pet food

I don't know about you but every blasted time I see a news alert regarding another contamination of pet food, my stomach gets in a knot. I know that we are very vigilent and careful. But my cat Buddy, is almost 12 and his cousin Buddy the dog is almost 12 and they have two baby cousins Max and Multy, not babies just a lot younger.
I am tempted to start feeding my sweet cat hamburger and rice, But he has never ever eaten wet food, just doesn't appeal to him. And Iams, the brand we use in the dry food, has come out to say that wheat gluten is not used in any of their dry food. I am grateful that the pet food industry on a whole has kept the public informed. You certainly cannot say that for the USDA.

So if you have an animal stay in touch with the situation by going to the PetSmart home page or the home page of the kind of pet food you use.

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The Lesko Family said...

I am online checking with the Petsmart website like a psycho! I know what you mean. I already have a dog who has had pneumonia and almost died, then when my mom (Nanny J) and I were sewing a chair slip cover - HE ATE THE NEEDLE and 3 INCHES OF THREAD! We love him, although he is not a bright shih tzu! After that surgery, and the obsene amount of money it cost, no dogfood is taking him out! :-) I am so happy to be reading your blog! It has been nice getting to know you! Have a great Easter!

Jill (Nanny J's daughter)