Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now my cats angry ~ really angry

So now we read and hear on the news that they are recalling cat treats. It was hard enough to get my cat to eat treats as a reward. Buddy as previously mentioned has always eaten dry food and in some ways I am very grateful for his finicky taste.

So now with this dog and cat food scare they have an alert out for soft treats made by Del Monte and others read here on SNOPES.

And Buddy the cat is now really pissed cause he has gotten used to his treats and we had to dispose of them. What's next ... my GOD the world is falling apart, Global Warming, now this........is their no end to the madness.

As I type Buddy is writing a customer service letter to Del Monte, actually honey husband is helping Buddy compose said letter..........stay tuna'd

ps........if this becomes a problem and those DOPES in Washington think they might want to get on the bandwagon be afraid and start cooking for your pets.


mooncrazy said...

Poor Buddy. I hope he has better luck with the customer service letter.

Doodles said...

he has taken to cleaning the bowl of Norm's ice cream...now Norm has an excuse of eating more ice cream like he needs more of an excuse.