Monday, April 16, 2007

Say it isn't so PLEASE

I don't know about your area or even your Country, BUT, this Country survives on volunteers and their many, many efforts.

When I read that volunteerism is dwindling I was very sad. But after reading this article I realized that it isn't quite as bad as the headline states, which is usually the case. Headlines are created by adventerous, aggravating editors, but if it leads us to the story the Editor accomplished what he set out to do.

We come from a long line of volunteers. I honestly cannot remember when I didn't volunteer to do something or belong to a non profit group. My Uncle in Indiana, before he passed, he was a volunteer Grandpa, how cool is that. My Aunt is a literacy volunteer, my sweet sister just received her five year pin being a docent at the gorgeous Getty Center in Los Angeles. I know my talented and beautiful niece volunteers a lot, how she has the time given her busy schedule, but she does.

If you have never volunteered and have the time to do so, please think about doing something ::: I am telling you it is a very fulfilling thing to do. Gads I'm beginning to sound like Oprah, not meant to.

A couple of ideas.........if there a Habitat office in your area. They need volunteers of all sorts from swinging a hammer to being a cashier. I did a recent fun thing, I read to a group of kindergarten children at the Library. That was fun reading a short story to a bunch of wiggle worms.

So think about your time, could you manage it better? This is not to say neglect others around you or yourself. But I guaran...damn...tee you you will truly get something from your time.


mooncrazy said...

You are right sister, and our darling mom was Volunteer of the Year in her little town in Florida. We do come from a long line and I'm proud that it continues with our lil bird.

Doodles said...

our momma the Queen of all Volunteers and hailed by many as the QUEEN!!! We do come by it naturally I guess.

The Lesko Family said...

I am so happy to hear that others were brought up the same way that I was. You know Nanny J was also a volunteering maniac setting a fine example for me. I serve on 2 non-profit boards, advise cheerleaders ranging in ages 7-13 (60 wiggle worms), run the science fair for the elementary school and do vacation bible school. It is irritating at times, but the rewards out-weigh the troubles. It is women like you who inspire others to keep going. Rock on out there, Doodles and keep up the good work!

Doodles said...

jill you are so very sweet for saying that...thanks My husband also was a huge volunteer and now that we are going to be traveling so much in our RV maybe we can do something around the country that would be a lot of fun and something very unique. And wonderful memories to post on my blog. Thanks again jill.