Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cutbacks ... Ouch!

Due to recent cutbacks at the Sarasota Herald Tribune, David Grimes, a columnist for the paper had this column in todays edition. But after reading the very funnypiece I thought of a few things.

1. I used to work for a newspaper and I'm sure they too are going thru some difficulties....must get in touch with my favorite editor.

2. Reading a column without vowels would be good exercise for the brain I think, refer back to my blog on Spa's for the Brain

3. And last but certainly not least David Grimes is a funny guy and quite persuasive to get this by his editors....way to go! Thanks for the laugh Mr. Grimes.

I now know that while we are traveling I will be sure to check in with Mr Grimes and see if he was able to add any vowels..........stay tuna'd