Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm calling Mr Ford about our truck

I open the paper this a.m. and what do I see, above the fold, WORSENING DROUGHT HAS AREA ON EDGE, and EXPERTS SEE ACTIVE HURRICANE SEASON FOR THIS REGION.

Then below the fold is......... Pollen count hits an all time high in area........WTH!!!

Now granted hurricane season does not start till June 1st and is rarely active until August or September. And trust me we will be way long gone by then. But the pollen and the fires are just as scary, cause the pollen keeps me from doing my walking and the fires keep popping up and causing even more air pollution and danger to all in the path of losing there property.

I was in Ft Myers yesterday and saw two brush fires on the side of the freeway. One of them did errupt into something more serious enough to close the highway, after I was already past, thank you very much.

Truck is supposed to arrive on April 23rd...stay tuna'd!

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mooncrazy said...

Fires season has started early in Southern California and I dred that, too. We are way too close to the dry hillsides to be casual about our drought. I just hope the winds are not as active. I always feel for the fire laddies, they do such a valient job.