Saturday, April 21, 2007

I interupt your regular viewing...

to bring you this message.

Steve Capus
is an ignorant fool and inspite of how much I like Brian Williams, he is in the same sinking boat with Capus.

Good God gentlem what were you thinking didn't you think for just one second, one second that it was WRONG to give this person a stage? Didn't you think to consult, for one minute, with Tom Brokaw!

Now I will say that I wasn't real happy bout your greedy, yes greedy decision to fire Don Imus. You caved to the advertisers in a big way. Mr Capus what are you going to tell the advertisers now? I am angry and won't be watching a lot of NBC news because of your errors. Splain that to the big boys Steve.

Oh and I would hope you would publicly apologize to the community of VTU.

A friend recently posted in her blog, a link that I would like to share - read this

Mr Capus, Mr Williams see ya at the races..................stay tuna'd!

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