Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just ask and ye shall receive

Well hell I called Mr Ford about our truck and he said "relax babe it will be there on the 23rd of April or sooner". Needles to say being the impatient BITCH I am I chose the sooner part. We have things to do people to see along the way to the West coast and a cat to train to live in an RV. Oh this should be fun!

Speaking of cats, we must decided where to put Cousin Buddy's litter box. We think we came up with a great idea but we won't know till we can get back in the trailer and measure, you know Norm - measure six times cut once.

So here I am gathering all the info to do many change of addresses. Did you know that you must change your phone number as well because many companies relate to the phone you call in on for inquiries.

When said RV and TRUCK (the two will also be named at the ceremony) do come together it is a marriage of sorts and Doodles and Mr Doodles will celebrate that anniversary every year just like we do our anniversary.

I'll send out announcements but please NO GIFTS........stay tuna'd


Cottage Kid said...

U R TOOO funny! Looking forward to the nuptials!

Ilva said...

me too!

tiedye said...

Relax. I hate it when men say relax there's usually a cold speculum involved and the words slide down a little are next.