Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I must voice my opinion...

In recent days there has been a lot on the internet as well as on the national news, even NPR, about Don Imus and his inappropriate comments regarding the Rutgers ladies basketball team.
Yes I whole heartedly agree it was uncalled for, rude, horribly degrading. I'm ashamed that anyone would say anything like that. It is one of the reasons I don't watch anything on BET TV or listen to RAP music. The lyrics are horribly degrading.
So back to Don Imus, I can honestly tell you in my heart the man is not a racist, he's an insensitive jerk, but I don't think he's a racists.
I think MSNBC and CBS has missed an opportunity to educate instead of denegrate. They shouldn't have fired Imus, he could educate. We all know that his firing has been brought down to toal greed. MSNBC would lose advertisers, now get this, many of the very same advertisers that sponsors the IMUS cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer. Would you please explain the reasoning behind this. I must be really dense here folks.
Every year Imus has a two day radiothon that MSNBC did cover. The event was to raise money as they do every year for Radiothon to benefit the Tomorrows Children’s Fund, the CJ Foundation for SIDS and the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer. I hope this does not injure the ability to garner much needed $$$.
I will donate by going to the radiothon website.

For some of you that may not know about this or care to read about this is just one of the many articles on the internet regarding this mess.

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