Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wonder no more...

I know some of you are wondering why the hell do those two whackos wanna get in a fifth wheel trailer pulled by a big ass (husbands words) truck***, haul that sucker around the good olde USA and Canada.

Well this could be one of the reasons LaNina the little meanie sister to El Nino and also the fact that our homeowners insurance has TRIPLED <<<(not a typo) yep tripled. I think there just might be some folks that are trying to put the stae of Florida out of business.
There are just waaaaayy too many articles to refer to regarding homeowners insurance rate increases in the "blue tarp state".

Now you probably realize that this has a snowball affect. Your auto insurance goes up, if you are a renter, your rent is going to go up. That owner has to pass along the increase to someone. Also fewer people will come to visit this state so hence retail is going to increase in many ways, and don't even think about what it's going to cost to go to Disney World.

So I'm gonna go check the weather in AZ, 22 more sleeps stay tuna'd...

***big ass trucks = testosterone level ;)

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