Monday, March 26, 2007

The Stork came to visit us...

No it's not what you think.....but these are pictures of a stork. We have never ever seen one around here as I would think I would remember this bird with the funny thing on his head. Kinda looks like he is wearing headphones.

Not only the neighbors are coming over to say good bye to Mr & Mrs Doodles, the Stork stopped by to see us and Buddy. You can kinda see Buddy in the one photo of him staring at the bird. This guy was rather tame but when he heard my camera click he was a tad skitterish. He probably was on the patio for a good ten minutes.

Storks are relatively common along the West Coast near Tampa.

You may see them near the road or wading in ponds along with Ibis and Egrets



Cottage Kid said...

That stork is a good omen for you guys!

Freya and Paul said...

Doh! You got me back for the Goats Saliva! I thought you were literally having kittens!!