Monday, March 19, 2007

No escaping the many demons of Florida !

And here I thought we would be safe because we were going to boogie outta here before the start of hurricane season. Crap I forgot about the dreaded Love Bugs!!!

If you care, read about the dreaded infestation of the
LOVE BUGS . What is the reasoning behind the name love bug when they are so detrimental.

Read that article while I go out and spray the front of our vehicles with PAM It seems that PAM keeps the little darlins from sticking to the front of the car. Think I'll leave a can of PAM in the cupboard for the new owner.

Now if we can get outta here before the mating season of the Florida alligator

Three more sleeps....................stay tuna'd


Cottage Kid said...

YEKS!!! At least you didn't get the 2ins of snow which happened last night!

Doodles said...

you are so right my dear I am lucky and I never will have snow.

mooncrazy said...

Unless you want snow. But who would want 'gators?