Monday, March 26, 2007

A lot to think about...

Getting ready to be the wanderlust, vagabond, and/or gypsy that we are going to be doing. It seems there is a lot to do before one takes to the road.

Seems we need Big A** insurance for the Big A** truck. It is not considered a regular passenger vehicle, it is in the commercial department. So we have a quote out to three different companies and yes seester dear, one of them is SF.
We have captured a wonderful deal for the RV insurance but unfortunately because of the class of the truck that company does not underwrite needed insurance.

I have also spent the day, while waiting on hold, making a budget in excel for travel expenses. Also a much needed to do list for what is required when we park and then one for when we leave. It's not quite like locking the door and pulling off down the highway.

Then we have the good fortune of having friends that are seasoned RV'rs that have given us a list of what is needed in terms of yep a broom, particular kind of jack and all the other junk we need to drag along. See why I have to limit my shoe collection Frown but then this edict is coming from a man that has two pair of shoes, sneaks and sandals.

This is going to be fun but with much preparation to attend to. Once the truck and trailer marry, so to speak, it will take a day, at least just to hook up the electronics and for me to move in the household items.

So we are still looking at mid April to get outta here.........stay tuna'd!

Good Luck to the UCLA Bruins moving on to the Final Four!!!


mooncrazy said...

Will there be a ceremony?

Doodles said...

there will be a bottle of champagne in my paws!!!

Cottage Kid said...

You give that resident TV expert a big cuddles from me! You are soo lucky.

maltese parakeet said...

luckily you have a secret shoe plan.