Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What can't I live without???

I must start thinking of things that I can put in our new 5th wheel home. This is somewhat of a predicament, that I am in. There are a lot worse things trust me I know that. But since we are going to be living in this "rig" for at least a year one does have to plan.

You see I am alloted X amount of weight. So there lies the problem do I take 6 pair of jeans and 6 pair of shoes? Or do I take 4 pair of jeans and and extra pan/skillet for cooking. Oh yep you bet I'm hiding the shoes - Norm will never, ever know. And don't you be telling him.

So what few items could you not live without. Knowing you are going to be traveling for about a year, with a variety of weather conditions

If y'all have any suggestions I'm open to listening and no lectures please about shoes K?

Right now I'm trying to write a farewell poem to Florida to be recited upon our departure.

Stay tuna'd...15 more sleeps


mooncrazy said...

Ok, since I do know you so well, I'd say you better take the six pairs of shoes, well maybe five. You will be able to shop on the road. Hell, take the six and toss a pair each time you buy one.

Now about the other stuff. I'd be hard pressed to be without my kitchen schtuff, knives especially. And tongs, gotta have a few of those.

Cottage Kid said...

I sure wished I had that rig right now cuz I'm starting to miss my stuff and a home cooked meal. It looks better that some folks' homes. I hope you get to stash as many shoes as you can. Enjoy!

tiedye said...

What can't you live without? Hmm, that hunky husband I reckon. as many shoes as you can shove in every hidey hole in that kewell grown-up play house, your computer, and your journal.

I'm thinking as you travel you will loosen up and find you need even less than you think. Or maybe more. It will go one way or the other, won't it!

Hey travel pants take up almost no space.

doodles said...

I found hidey holes all over that RV...husband will never know. At least for awhile and you know they do have stores in many of the cities and towns we will visit.