Tuesday, February 27, 2007

12 step program for pack rats

I suppose there is a support group for pack rats, heck why not there is one for everything else. As you have probably surmised we are in that stage of the move.

It starts out with "honey do you want to keep this?" to "are you sure you want to keep this?, to "No way you're not keeping that are you?". We are beginning to sound like the Bickersons. Having lived in this particular house near four years, I am totally in awe of what we have accumulated. Many items will be going to GoodWill, Salvation Army, the Church and Habitat for Humanity. I have turned over a new leaf and will no longer collect schtuff, WTH do we need it for. If you haven't touched it in a year, Good Lord man give it away to someone who can.

Here's the deal, what we are preparing for now and deciding what to keep and what to toss. After that decision is agreed upon then all will be packed up and moved to AZ where said schtuff we think we need will remain in storage till a house is built. And that house will be built in between many visits to CA for family fun and frolic. Several visits to Canada for friends and folic. And somewhere in there will be a trip to Alaska. I know what your thinking, Doodles in Alaska I'm not seeing it. Ya see I'm still trying to talk Mary into starting out on the trip with Norm and I'll pick it up half way thru. Don't think Mary's buying it, but she does like Alaska.

24 more sleeps till...stay tuna'd...


mooncrazy said...

Be careful of picking up schtuff on the road!

doodles said...

no problem picking up schtuff on the road.I am so lucky I have a sister in California that I can ship things to HAR!