Monday, February 19, 2007

Well hell I'm feeling a LOT better!!!

Norm and I finally have a solid contract of the sale of our house. There are many adjectives to describe how we feel BUT ecstatic certainly is one that comes to mind.

So now the real tombstone tumbleweed journey begins. I have a feeling that real retirement is just around the corner, if you call building a new house in an area that we have never lived in before. Well that's no exactly true Norm was based out of Tucson when in the USAF and I lived in Phoenix a gazillion years ago for about a year.

Actually we are going back to the scene of the crime so to speak, we were married thirty six years ago in Tombstone, AZ. Nothing conventional about us as you probably already know.

So get ready for a few travel blogs and travel photos because that is what we are going to do, bore y'all to tears with a travelouge.

But most of all I am happier than I can even imgaine to be moving closer to my sister and brother-in-law, my niece and newphew-in-law, my dear friend, Daddy's wife Mary. We have lived on opposite coasts for way too many years and it is with great delirious anticipation that we will be almost in the same time zone.

So as I have said from my very first blog, stay tuna'd...


maltese parakeet said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i almost couldn't believe the answering machine message!r

mooncrazy said...


doodles said...

delirious, wild with excitement, and at the moment drained from enthusiastic joy. So how are you guys ;)