Saturday, February 10, 2007

An omen of sorts...

Well this little guy greeted me this a.m. when going out to get the newspaper. I'm calling him my lucky frog cause our momma had lots of frogs scattered around her home and yes all of them were of the glass or ceramic variety.

So maybe this little guy will bring us good luck to our open house to be held today.

I had gone to the nursery to see what was available and I came upon this jade plant. Discovered when I got it home that I didn't have the proper soil to transplant it to a different pot suitable for hanging. So I just plopped it on the hook. Don't know if I brought the lucky little guy home or not..cause I am imagining driving and this frog jumping out from the plant and distracting me from my driving...holy crap. But maybe he is a local neighborhood frog and we just had yet to meet. If so how the hell did ya get up in that plant.
Just hope he dosen't attack any visitors today...stay tuna'd

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