Friday, February 23, 2007

Washing D.C. must have a school for dopes

Go read my sister's blog of the men and women of the war and then tell me why.

I am becoming more dismayed (another word for totally pissed off) as the days go by. Tell me why we have to read and hear about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Outpatient Clinic. The Army is going to conduct an investigation because they read about this mess in the Washington Post. Good Lord man how can y'all look at yourselves in the mirror each morning. There was one dope (General) that said he jogs, jogs around this building just about everyday. Well good for you General because the majority of the patients in that building are amputees and can't jog. Ya never went inside?!?! We have a severe problem with our system folks and we just cannot allow this to continue...stay tuna'd...

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mooncrazy said...

I'm still laughing about "school for dopes."