Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bird City

Well actually we are in Tombstone Arizona.  Home of our marriage forty some years ago.  Home of one of my very favorite movies Tombstone, the one with Kurt Russell not the one with Kevin Costner.  

Anyway I do digress.  This area in the Spring is the bird capital of the world or so says the Chamber of Commerce.  And our intrepid cat Bogey knows this is the best bird watching place he has ever seen.
Watch I'll show you.  The photos are all in a matter of an hour.

this is Bogey's everyday scene - sweet little hummingbirds
then this guy appeared
swooped in for a small taste of liquid nectar

then out of nowhere comes this redhead interloper  Bogey doesn't know what to do.  When the heck am I ever gonna get my nap with thses strangers showing up for my viewing pleasure.

then out of nowhere comes this feathered pedestrian.............what's a cat to do!!
Enjoy SPRING!!!

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Moon said...

Wow, lots of different birds for the kitty. Is the red bird a Cardinal?