Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grocery shopping etiquette

Is there such a thing anymore?  I try my damnedest to be aware of other folks coming doing the aisle.   Or even crossing over the aisle.  But there are people that just wander about and all they care about is what they are doing. And it would help a lot if you elderly ladies left your husbands or significant other in the car in the parking lot.  They are impeding your thought process and pissing me off.

I write this after coming home from doing some marketing.  I didn't need a lot just a few items.  But hell now I need an Excedrin.

Another annoyance is chatting in the aisles.  Here we have Miss Edith  who hasn't seen Miss Helen in a month a Sundays.  Do they really need to catch up while we are all trying to do our marketing?  In a word NO!  But if you or I say anything more than excuse me they look at you like you could be a terrorist.

Now I know the offenders are not reading my blog but you are so pass the word.  It's common courtesy folks.

Leave me a comment cause I would love to hear your opinion.

BTW I have some news to post but I post it after we get thru this busy weekend.

1 comment: said...

Oh amen, Sistah. Preach it. And you know Miss Edith and Miss Helen are (naturally) in the riding carts parked side by side headed different directions down/up the aisle.
I scratch my head and search my brain for words that will let them know that just because they're older than I am or are sitting in "handicapped" carts does not mean they can ignore me, take up all the space in the aisle, or snap at me if I try to get by. Grrr!