Friday, August 24, 2007

Leaving flood ravaged Ohio

and headed for Indiana. Thankfully we were not in the flooded area. I fear for those people that are because more rain is headed their way. This country is having some pretty crappy weather to say the least.

Fifteen years ago tomorrow was Hurricane Andrew, seems hard to believe. At that time Andrew was a horrible storm look what we have encountered since then WHEW!!!

While in Indiana we are going to visit my Aunt who is also my God Momma.
Did anyone else know that Indiana was Lincoln's boyhood home???

I interrupt this message to say we are having some electrical problems. Had to leave the WalMart near my Aunt's home to find a RV park where we could hook up to shore power. Mr Doodles is troubleshooting the problem while on the phone with the company tech dude. Needless to say we are not happy campers at the moment, but this too will pass.

I don't think this country lacks for the growing of corn. I am telling ya it is everywhere you look. This country knows how to grow corn. From Montana up north into Canada down into Pennsylvania and here in the heartland. Come to think of it I never saw a corn field in Texas.

Any small town in rural America

I have posted some photos over on my flickr site

Stay tuna'd for updates on the electrical problems...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I am going to start leaving an email address for y'all who do not want to register and send a message.

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