Wednesday, August 01, 2007

back in the land of civilization

Well at least we are in an area where we have cell service as well as is good!!!

Lot's has been going on since last I posted. We have been in some fairly remote areas of mid Canada. Many photos to post. Lake Superior is huge and even warm enough to swim in and for a citizen of the USA that is saying something. Met some really nice folks while ambling our way to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Let's see one of the best things that happened is sister and her husband bought a fifth wheel trailer. Can you believe it?!?!!! They found a very well cared for unit and with husbands handy skills they are going to have so much fun in this new toy. Now RV'in is not new to them so they are really gonna have fun in this new find. Can't wait to spend more time with them RV'in.

I was also happy to hear that niece and her husband got to take some time away from their busy jobs....yeah you two.

Also a friend in Northern California has a daughter that has been admitted to the hospital with an unknown illness. Sending good thoughts her way.

My friend Beezer is getting ready to send her daughter off to college and I know she must be feeling sad and happy emotions.

Must go find out how my friend's daughters adoption is going. I know how anxious they are.

And I know that kimmy and tie are busy momma's getting their kids for back to school and probably practicing a happy dance. I have been bad about sending postcards cause of the locations we were in, well and I wasn't good about being prepared with stamps, but I'll try to get back on track soon.

Oh and my very dear friend in Dallas is moving to Hotlanta.......yeah for her cause I think she said on the voice mail she sold her house.

OK that's it for now......stay tuna'd!


Bee said...

You are so right about your friend Beezer. Up and down here, but mostly excited for her. Glad to have you back in the land of technology!


The Lesko Family said...

Love reading your crazy adventures! Glad to "travel" with you!

Jill (Nanny J's daughter)