Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We are parting company.....sadly

Mr & Mrs Nutz, Mr D and Ms G are motoring off back to Canada by way of South Dakota. After hearing of our fun time in the Rapid City area they are going to travel that way home. Trust me they will love it and have some great memories. And the best part is Ms G will be able to see a bit of wildlife. Especially the pronghorn antelope along the roadway. They are the sweetest little animals. Hard to get pics of them so maybe Ms G will have some luck. Rest assured before they left we packed in a lot of fun and day trips. One day they traveled up to Pikes Peak, not a place Mr Doodles would travel, while we went to the Air Force Academy. All of these locations are in Colorado Springs which is a couple of hours south of the Denver area. Then if the afternoon we all met at Garden of the Gods Hard place to explain so I'll supply the site and you can see for yourself. The photos that we all took are stunning as you will see at the end of the post. On the way back to the RV we stopped at a favorite steak house of Mr Nutz and a good meal was consumed by the group. Then I believe is was the day before, we traveled an hour or so away to a very cute little area called Central City, an old mining town turned gambling casinos. Cute, cute place with nice small casinos that paid well and supplied us with a lot of laughs. The unfortunate part is we did not bring a camera, however Mrs Nutz did and got some great shots of the area. I'll have to be at her mercy for her to forward any snaps to me. But trust me we were there and had a great time. Oh yeah with the exception of trying to park that Big A** truck we call Louie. He is just a bit tight to get into a parking garage and Mr Doodles is not taking a chance to take off the roof lights. Anyway, they did have RV and bus parking BUT it was 5 miles up the top of the mountain. Now we were at approximately 8500 ft and the danged parking lot was at 10,000 ft. What a view and what a laugh we all had.

So the Happy Canadians have left and we will leave in the a.m for Canada by way of Nebraska and always stay tuna'd

Here is the Chapel at the Air Force Academy quite an impressive structure. Not a great shot of the interior but the pipe organ was massive and Mr Doodles wanted to get a shot. You know me I have to take at least one flower pic per trip. This is a shot of the campus of the Air Force Academy. They have a lovely place for their higher learning.

That's Mr D being a gentleman and holding up this big rock for us...sweet! It was a bit hazy but the views were still incredible.

Can you see Nemo in the red rock to the far right...well we did and that's our story and we're sticking to it OK!!

Now is that a lady?!!! Ms G holding the rock for Mr
D..such a happy couple.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Is Mr. Doodles afraid of heights?! I don't know how I missed that information. If he is, he is a man after my own heart.

As usual, looks like y'all are having so much fun. Keep it up, but know that this "little" girl in SC misses seeing your posts every mornig.


Buddy said...

yep Mr Doodles is not fond of anything higher up the the third rung on the ladder. But driving the mountainous roads is a challenge and he is more comfortable if he is driving.

mooncrazy said...

See Nemo? Too many Coronas.

Doodles said...

well sister Moon you do know me well BUT no Coronas until we finished our trip that day.