Friday, July 20, 2007

corn, corn, and more corn

And I thought Indiana had cornfields. Whoa!!! Nebraska has a few more than Hoosierland fer sure. Both of us are sneezing from corn dust.

I am also sorry to say that we have driven into the humidity...YUK!!! Hopefully when we get to Sioux Falls, South Dakota it will be a bit cooler and drier.

Took some great on the road shots today, so I'll take a look at them tonite and post them over on my flickr site

We'll spend a couple a nites in Sioux Falls and then find our way into Canada. A warning for y'all I won't be posting while in Canada. We'll have cell service but NO AIR CARD.

I'll remind y'all again but thought I should mention it while I thought about it.

One other thing go look at sister Moon's site She has done some amazing pastels. Remember the silhouette of cactus she did??? It is now in our RV and has a special place of honor as the first piece hung in the RV.

OK I have yakked long enough........stay tuna'd

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