Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Purpose of our Denver trip

Mainly was to go the the NHRA Drag Races. Well that we did. And because of the traffic situation we all shoved our fat butts into the big A** truck. Thank the lord it was only 5 miles give or take.

However the "boys" had to do some technical measuring for a steel box that is being made for the back of the RV, gotta love them boys!

So back to stuffing us in the BIG A** truck...that we do and off we go for late day and evening qualifying. What a super day. Weather here is iffy at best, never know when you are gonna get a rain cloud pop over a mountain. As the day went on it got cooler and the track temps went down and the cars went FASTER. No records set but a good day none the less. Of course we had to do shopping for t-shirts and the like. The other gals had to buy grand kids things to take back. No deals but they did get some cute things for the kiddies.

Gonna post a few snaps of the race cars, not that many of you will be all that interested but some of them turned out really good. I will post the whole lot of them over of Mr Doodles flickr.

Stay tuna'd for some more goings on. Oh and by the way Ms G you CAN trust me!


trendy farm wife said...

Love Mr. Doodles! Cute blog. I'm a first time blogger, check out mine at trendyfarmwife We're from KS and love the idea of traveling someday just like you guys are, good for you!

maltese parakeet said...

omg, my ears are ringing just looking at the pictures!

mooncrazy said...

There must be some pix of Ms G we are not going to see.

I hope there were ear plugs all around.

Ms G said...

Hi there - this is Ms G and yes there was a picture that didn't get on here - thanks Barb, glad I trusted you
can't wait to see you again in Canada
Safe driving