Friday, July 06, 2007

ever get the feeling

that you have been there before? Well we are in Rapid City, South Dakota and I get the very distinct feeling I have been here before. Even some of the people look familiar. What an odd feeling. I have done this before so it is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact when we were checking in to the RV park yesterday, the lady said to me "you've been here before haven't you? No, you look so familiar". However I do get that a lot. Oh well maybe in my other life?!? So we went to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.. It was a 3 hour drive that looped thru a small part of the Park. Badlands are aptly named. Residents of that area consisted of the Pine Ridge Indian, Bison, Pronghorn (they look like miniature antelope) a few prairie dogs and rattlesnakes. This photo does not do the area justice as to how desolate it appears. There were several large areas that would serve at villages for the Indians and their livestock. Mr Doodles took some shots as well so I must post over on his flickr page.
After the Badlands drive thru we drove over to Ellsworth Air Force Base, Mr Doodles was in the Air Force so it seems there is a magnet that draws us to AF bases. We got to tour a musty old missile silo and the base itself.

However, on a side note when you sign up to go on the tour you must present a drivers license or a passport. They load you on a small bus and then drive to the gate, where they do a security check. Well it was just our luck when the base Police boarded the bus and asked for a gentleman to step off. We sat in that hot sticnky bus for at least a half hour while they did more checking. Finally the driver went in to ask if they could be released if the guys wife got off as well and we all went on our merry way. Yep, that could happen. Cudos to the driver. Come to find out after the tour ended, it was all just a case of mistaken identity. Seems the man on the bus had the same name as a fugitive that they were looking for.

OK we are off to Mt. Rushmore where I know it is going to be crowded due to the holiday week. So must get an early start.

On a side note.....when we left yesterday I accidentally closed Buddy in the closet for eight and a half hours. Let's just say Buddy was not a happy camper cat upon our return........stay tuna'd ;)

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mooncrazy said...

Poor cat! He must have been thirsty.