Sunday, July 01, 2007

So now we know…

as the heat works in the RV. Cause while in Yellowstone we woke every a.m. to a very cool 37 - 39 degrees. Had not tested the heater, didn't have a need to. We even got out the down comforter. But the heater quickly took the chill out of the air when we woke so it wasn't a bad experience.

The last day in Yellowstone we ventured over to the Grand Tetons, just south of Yellowstone Park. We did the loop drive around the majestic, I know an over used word, but none the less magnificent vistas. We hop on a ferry that takes you across Jenny Lake. The ferry dropped us off to take a 3 mile hike up to an area called Hidden Falls. They weren't that hidden but quite big and very loud and wet but gorgeous water fall and so cooling after a warm hike.

We were waiting for the ferry to take us back across Jenny Lake, I struck up a conversation with two charming ladies from England. Now get this these two females have been friends since fourth grade. They have each been married to their respective spouses for 40 years. Every year these two females take a trip somewhere away from England for at least a month. This year they flew to Denver rented an RV and took off for parts unknown of the American West. So next time you think awww I can't do that, you think of May and Julia and what they did.

When getting off the ferry I notice a lot of folks with cameras in hand. We see a young moose standing on the bank of the lake. I see a park ranger and she is telling the group that the young moose is about 3-4 years old and had never been on this side before. It had just swam across the lake. Holy crap I just went on a three mile hike and was exhausted, this sweet, goofy looking moose didn't look a bit winded.

I have posted a lot of photos over on my flickr page if you care to peek. Now I must sort thru the hundreds of pics Mr Doodles took at the Bull Riding event in Cody, WY.............stay tuna'd

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mooncrazy said...

I love this baby moose. He even has a goofy look on his face.