Monday, July 16, 2007

a water consumption realization

OK I am not gonna preach BUT I am gonna mention that we humans are WASTING water.

Since living full time in the RV we have come to realize how much. Trust me I'm not here to tell you go get an RV but I am here to give you a couple of hints on saving water.

First off go get your kitchen timer, put it in the bathroom while showering your normal shower. OK how long were you in there with the water running. God I sound like Al Gore, but this is serious.

Now go get one of those shower heads you can turn off and on while you are in the shower. They have them at all the big home improvement stores. This gizmo is not gonna shorten the length of your shower, just cut down on water waste.

Ladies don't let the water run while you are shaving your legs!!! Guys turn the water off at the sink while shaving. What good does that do?

Your goal should you choose to accept my idea is to shorten the length of your shower. You can do it I know you can and you'll feel better to.

And do me a favor email me how your doing or leave a comment or any tips you can think of to pass along..................stay tuna'd

We are off to the Air Force Academy and the Olympic Training facility here in Colorado.


mooncrazy said...

Good post! I think everyone can come up with ideas on how to conserve a bit and it won't hurt at all. Being in Southern California water is quite precious to us. Here's one, while your cooking, keep a basin of water to quickly rinse off your hands and save the running water for washing your paws.

Also, drippy little leaks waste an unbelievable amount so get new washers, folks.

Cottage Kid said...

Since I have had my own well for several years the practice of conserving water has been second nature to me. Thanks for the reminder of how others still waste water!