Thursday, June 28, 2007

More ramblings

I’m calling this trip Hot Fun in the American Summertime…with the Province of Ontario Canada thrown in as a bonus.

We need/want to venture off the beaten path more than we have but with dragging a trailer behind us it’s a bit difficult.. But if I want some different photos I need to do that.

Sister is hoping to start a blog that will be just postcards of our trip, with a few words of description by me. She came up with a great title "postcards from the fringe".

We do have an itinerary but after the Denver meet up with friends our adventure can be easily altered.

I also must mention that I am NOT one of Walmarts biggest fans, but Walmart is a good friend to RV’ers acrossed this country. When you don’t want to go more than 300 miles in a day, and no RV park in the area there always seems to be a Walmart off the hiway. I think the reason they allow RV’ers to park on the perimeter of their lot is that RV’ers always need something, ice, food, etc. So thanks Walmart for being a friend to RV’ers….wish you were that good to your employees. Sorry had to throw that in there.

Now if you are reading this and have young children, do me a favor…teach them how to read a map. We have run into people in RV parks that cannot read a map. They are clueless as to north, south whatever. I know this sounds odd but it is an observation of the directionally challenged.. To be honest I was one of those people before I married my sweet husband. But he is a lover of maps and charts, so I am no longer directionally challenged. So teach your child to read a map……please.

Oh one other thing don’t drive and talk on your cell phone. Nothing, absolutely nothing is that important and you are endangering my life as well as yours. Use your head pull over to talk. And if you don’t you’re a MORON!

So crossing into Utah you come to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Side note to mention that those of you old enough might remember that Craig Breedlove set the land speed record here at 400, 500 and 600 MPH. Think that was in the late 60’s.

Leaving the Salt Flats area we realize we are hungry, no breakfast was had because we needed an early start and Mr Doodles does not consume food much before 9 a.m.

Mr Doodles sees a road sign that says an off ramp for Knolls that is just a few miles up the road. “must be a truck stop there”. Ha I say, Rand Mc Nally doesn’t know about it cause it ain’t on da map honey.

I look at the map again to verify that there is not a stinking off ramp with services for 70 some miles……….well there’s always gummy bears!

So I got a little ahead of myself but I just had to post those two snaps of the bison.

We are headed to stay tuna'd!

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