Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a nostalgia trip today...

What a great day! Started off by wanting to eat, it's always about food, what is it with this family. Anyway it started off by Mr Doodles wanting to go to one of our fav Mexican haunts called Tito's Taco's.

Tito's is located in the town we all grew up in and a place that we frequented a lot with

good, simple food. A tad bit of history when we first started going to Tito's the tacos were 24 centavos and if you wanted cheese it was five cents more. Now they are $1.45 and w/cheese $1.85. And ya know something you can go home again, this place has not changed one bit in all these many years they are are as good today as they were many years ago. So if y'all ever in Culver City, California look up Tito's, you'll be glad you did.

Next stop on the nostalgia tour was to go by all the houses each of us had lived in. BIL's parents home looked almost the same as it did 40 years ago.

Mr Doodles and I lived in this house the first two years of our marriage. It was called the party house and we just had the best time in this house. Obviously it looks a lot different, but still has the same bones.

Next as we are driving over to the house sister and I grew up in we passed by the apartment where my Mr Doodles lived prior to our marriage, danged apartment is still there next door to the Catholic Church Convent.

Then we toddled on over to the house sister and I grew up in....and BIL and Mr Doodles knew quite well. Gosh it hasn't changed much.

Then we drove around Culver City, saw all the places we all worked and played.
It was a great day....but then any day with sister and BIL is a great day.
stay tuna'd...........there's more


Anonymous said...

I love your first house! You sound like you are having so much fun. Don't ya just going by all the places you used to live when you were younger. The town I lived in until I was 10 is only 25 miles away and whenever I'm there, I ride by the houses and the schools. Makes me feel closer to my daddy whom I miss so much!

Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

love that house !! and you mean to tell me that Mr. Doodles didn't completely run those nuns out of town when he lived next door ??
sounds like you're having a blast...can't wait to see more pictures!!