Saturday, June 02, 2007

In the Golden State woo hoo!!!

So here we WERE in the lovely area of Lake Havasu City, AZ. Now this area is known for it’s recreational activities and high heat!!! I mean hot, 109* yesterday! The temps here during July and August gets up to 120-130 degrees no I’m not kidding. But ya know when it reaches over a 100* it’s just damn hot….oh yeah and it’s a dry heat

My Dad and his wife lived in Rancho Mirage, which is in the Palm Springs area of the California desert. They lived there for 30+ years, in fact M still lives there. Sister and I were down visiting once during the summer, I believe it was August and took of peek at the thermometer and it showed 120*, no wonder we dried off so quickly. However having said all of that, I love the desert weather and yes even in the summer. Just have to know how to handle it.

Now about Lake Havasu and the reason we drove out of the way to come here. Mr. Doodles had ordered a 100 gallon extra fuel tank for Big Louie, the truck. That was done on Friday and a pretty much all day event. So I hung out at the RV park, picked up and re-organized the RV that I now call Grace. Then I toddled off to the pool, which was a wonderful spot to be lazy. I’ll post some pics…. Mr. Doodles came back to get me for lunch, boy does love to eat. We then decided to go on a boat trip out on the lake that takes you over to a small Indian Casino on the California side. Well as all plans go the above didn’t quite pan out. Mr. Doodles decided that since the fuel tank was done, “let’s go put some fuel in it and make sure it works before we leave”. Ooooooohhhhh such a good idea Mr. Doodles, cause the sensor that tells you how much fuel is in the tank didn’t work. Not good huh?!? Mr. Doodles dropped me off and back he went to the install dudes. I in turn hopped on the boat and went to the Indian Casino and promptly came back with $50.10 more than I came with, thank you very much. I had to buy dinner.

All was well with the sensors, fuel tank and Mr. Doodles and even better when I told the sweet thing I was buying dinner.

Sunday a.m. we will land on the doorsteps of sister and stay tuna'd.

OK we are off to Rancho Mirage, which is the home of dear M, Daddy’s wife…we will spend the nite there and head off to sister’s house on Sunday a.m. That will be our base camp for about two weeks and happily so I might add.

On our way to Rancho Mirage, I am sure dear husband will want to stop at the General George S Patton museum. Let’s see if he remembers where it is. I know he wants another t-shirt cause he has literally worn out the two I bought him years ago.

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