Saturday, June 16, 2007

there's just something about...

waking up at the beach. And the smell of the Pacific Ocean is all to itself in some odd way. Has a different smell than the Atlantic or the Gulf, which are the two bodies of water I have been used to for the past many years.

Sister and I walked the beach a lot the two days we were there. This body of water was an inlet that was caused by the mouth of the river up the road a piece.

Anyway the gypsy caravan moved northwest for a few days and went to RV at the beach. Good lord it was a state park and had no hook up, water, electric etc., but oh so very nice and peaceful. Sister and brother-in-law and their dog Buddy in their small trailer and the Doodles entourage with Buddy the cat all went off mid week to the beach for a few days. We lucked out in the weather department. Some morning haze/fog moved in but burnt off quickly. Then some afternoon haze/fog moved in, however by the time we were ready to roast marshmallows it was a lovely clear evening.

How lucky we were to have such wonderful weather to toast our marshmallows.

stay tuna'd there's more..........

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The Lesko Family said...

The roasting marshmallows pic is wonderful. Perfect... should go on notecards! It sounds like you are REALLY enjoying yourself... I would so love to travel when we are able... keep posting - I shall live vicariously through you!