Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not forgotten.......

but been having waaaay too much fun and being busy doing things. So I thought I would post a couples of photos for my friends and loyal readers ;\o)

gorgeous California Poppy ...absolutely one of my very favorites.

this lovely Echeveria Cacti was at the Getty Center

Now Sunday is the BIG Get Together Birthday celebration, Tuesday we are going camping on the beach for a couple a days...........that you must come back to see pictures and of course there will be a story of three.

Hope the beginning of your summer is as great as ours.........but stay tuna'd


Anonymous said...

WOW....I didn't know you had poppies in California ...go figure ;)


Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous poppy! We grow them around here, too. Well, some people do. Gardening is on my list of things "to do," not "already done!"


Doodles said...

wish sister would paint this poppy...we'll see. ;)