Monday, January 22, 2007

Do you have a cat?

Well we do, boy do we ever.

His name is Buddy the cat not to be confused with his cousin Buddy the dog. He is a handsome cat but he is a black cat and therefore does not photograph well. Actually his breed is called Havana Brown. Looks black but in the sun they have that very deep brown undercoat, he is handsome for a black cat.

Here's the story about Buddy, he likes/loves water. I know he's a cat but the damn cat grew up with water.

Buddy was found, when just a few hours old, in the mouth of a rotweiler dog. It is presumed that the dog disposed of any of the brothers or sisters and probably the momma. This was discovered by my friend Brigitta, who is the wife of a Vet. She plucked the teeny tiny kitty out of the mouth of the dog and took it inside. Brigitta to the rescue.

Fast forward a couple a weeks, Brigitta comes to work, she worked for us in the busy shipping time. She walk thru the door, in her breast pocket of a shirt she had on was this rescued kitty orphan. Ugly, gray and wrinkly. She baby bottled fed him, we think, then took it to the sink and wrung it out so it would doo, doo it's business. Didn't know that could be done but learn sumpin new everyday.

Now here comes the love of water - Brigitta would wash him and fluff him up with a wash cloth, went to plug in the heating pad, put the kitty on the heating pad with his new friend, a stuffed
orangutan. This took place several times during the day. So water was this kittens friend.

Well the look on husbands face was priceless, he couldn't keep his hands off that kitten. That moment he fell in love with a cat. We have had a cat previously but Smokey was more of a barn cat and not a house cat, certainly not a cat to fall in love with.

Jump ahead another couple weeks, I invited Brigitta and her Dr. Doolittle husband over for dinner. Sure I said bring the orphan. See we were ganging up on husband to become the new proud daddy of this kitten. Suffice to say it worked like a charm.

Brigitta and the good Dr. walked in the door, she promptly went over, put the kitten in husbands lap, pleading a trip to the ladies room was necessary. There ya go, we had a cat!!!

Needless to say we were not skilled at keeping a teeny tiny orphan kitten alive so Brigitta took him home for another couple weeks. Wait, we did birth 7 baby bassett puppies and hand fed all the little demons, thanks to sister and momma. No matter but that sure could be another blog.

So rescued kitten gets a new home, and as many of you know any baby anything is cute, human or otherwise. This was one funny kitten, very adventurous and quite comical. But there were some things we didn't know such as he wants to get in the shower with you.Buddy loves water still to this day. Some days he gets more drenced than others, well not drenched but he does get we.

In the early years Buddy would not be kind to guests, he once tore up the legs of our next door neighbor, yep drew blood. Funny the neighbor was a cop and was going to arrest the damn cat.
You're right that's not funny at all, I hated having to put the cat on another patio when guests came but hey. The Dr. vet dude said when he tries that spray him with a water bottle. You must be joking he loves water, he would think he was being rewarded for god's sake.

Buddy will be twelve this 4th of July and to this day Buddy still takes a shower with husband, sometimes me but not often. Maybe I don't always find the humor in a cat running around the shower under foot. However I am happy to report that Buddy, the evil cat we used to call him, he is now calm and so very sweet and friendly.

What's up with that, but stay tuna'd because we are takling about Buddy the cat!

I do have a video that I am going to put up on You Tube.


mooncrazy said...

I love that cat. But you should have told about men, bathrooms and Buddy's love of streams of water. Ha!

tiedye said...

I think you have enough cat for us both, love. ;-)