Monday, January 08, 2007

Random thoughts and a good thing

A few years ago after retiring, permanently, for the second ot third time. Oh that's for another blog. Anyway I put on a gew inches, pounds, gray hairs and such. So it was then that I decided after perusing the internet and library for diets, it's not a diet at all I was looking for it's a lifestyle change oh yeah and to break bad habits.

But on a side note, when searching thru many magazines I noticed a very disturbing, repetetive something going on in these magazine. On the cover in very BOLD letters reads "OUR BEST DIET EVER" and then maybe at the bottom of the page in a somewhat smaller font is an article about
"OH So-Good Desserts!" Now I guess the publishers of theses magazines must be all things to all people but come on the recipe for Chocolate Creme Brulee followed by the best diet ever seems rather un-kind.

I digress - here goes, I started back walking more and enjoying it more last week. Doing two and a half to three miles daily outside when weather permits then on thos sticky humid days, which we are having a lot of these days, I pop in my Walk off the Pounds DVD and walk with the annoying Leslie Sansome.
And guess what I really do believe endorphins are our friends...stay tuna'd

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tiedye said...

Now I know my eyes are goin. I read "dolphins are our friend" instead of endorphins. . . . and I wondered where the hell you were walkin to run into a ding dang dolphin on your walk!!!