Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Read THIS once again and tell me why do we want to send 20 thousand more troops to Iraq.

Just think about the latest, for lack of a better word, SCREW UP! If they cannot hang a man correctly, my God is there such a thing as that!!! Why do we want to send more men and women to this country and jepordize their lives.

Consider writing the President and all the good folks in Congress, see what we can do. There really is such a thing as power to the people. At least try!

When I wrote to the President concerning my thoughts of the Iraq debacle, my sister wrote as well, read her blog about the situation http://frenchbenefits.blogspot.com/ Anyway she got a response from the White House, however it being a form letter but a response none the less. I got nothing. I felt like maybe I was on a list of some kind until yesterday, I got the same stupid form email.

Some ask could it get worse I say stay tuna'd....