Thursday, January 11, 2007

My patience is just about over

I went to bed last nite somewhat afraid of the consequences that are going to come from the speech of the President along with the gazillion talking heads that had to join in.

A few things that bother me and I'm sure that list will grow as all of this mess esculates.

One is when they were interviewing the reporters on the White House lawn you could hear demonstrators in the background. Oh my God! Not that I don't want people to demonstrate I do, I just have these horrible flashbacks of the 60's.

Another worriesome item is he kept mentioning the region Iran and Syria. Oh my God! Seems to me that Iraq will implode and poor Turkey who is tring to mind their own business and happens to border on Iraq with Syria to their south. Oh lord there is gonna be a huge civil war over there.

I woke up to my bunky saying some pretty radical things about the President and this mess he has got us into. Now those of you that know my husband know he is not the least bit radical or horribly outspoken on the President, the Government or anything else for that matter. Yep he spent 4 years in the U S Air Force, as a Canadian resident I am reminding you. And yes he was in Vietnam more than once , so what, so were a lot of other very brave folk. But he's having flashbacks of more boots on the ground rhetoric and it's not looking good.

I do not see any good to come out of this what so ever, ever, ever. BUT stay tuna'd...let's see if this new Congress has any balls.

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