Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Elvis and Jeff

A friend told me today was her husbands birthday, Happy Birthday Jeff.
Then she reminded me it was also the birthday of Elvis. OK!!!

Not that I have ever celebrated Elvis Presley's birthday BUT I do have a few memories of Elvis. So when my friend mentioned this event, a couple of Elvis memories immediately came to mind.

One of which was WAAAAAAY back when he first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. We lived in Indiana, had a black & white television, beautiful piece of furniture, blond wood, anyway the tuner was broke and to keep it on the station you wanted to watch you had to hold the tuner. I sat inches away from the TV for the whole time while old Elvis swiveled his hips and sang to the world. I even remember the two sofas we had in the living room were quite stylish of black and white tweedy material and very modern. Long time ago.

Now I was never ever an Elvis screamer but I had his records and saw his insipid movies cause I thought he was rather handsome.

Now fast forward many years to being married and living in Connecticut. Sometime in the spring or early summer of 1977 I hear that Elvis is coming to Hartford. I mention this to my dear husband, says sure let's get ticket for his concert in August. I toddle on up to Hartford when the tickets go on sale, wait in line, get really good seats for his show on August 18th.

Well do ya see where I'm going with this??? Tragically Elvis departed this world on August 16, 1977. Not only did I not get to see him which I would have enjoyed BUT husband, without my knowledge, took the tickets back and got a refund. Then went and bought me an Elvis album.
The dear sweet soul came home and handed me this album, I say what the hell is this? as I am such an ungrate person aren't I. Well he says since you didn't get to see Elvis and I know how disappointed you were I thought I would get you his album. How sweet I say but DO YOU KNOW HOW VALUABLE THOSE TICKETS WOULD BE IF YOU KEPT THEM!!!

Actually the thought never crossed husbands mind because he doesn't think like that. And I apologized for being so ungrateful and to tell ya the truth I don't know now if the tickets would be of any value. But let me tell you when the name Elvis comes up husband usually will tell someone about the returned tickets. My man is a keeper.


La Vida Dulce said...

Yep, you have yourself a keeper there. Ever been to Graceland? My cousin loved her visit years back. She was a major fan, same as my mom. My two favorite Elvis albums are his Christmas and his gospel music. I miss him, gone way too soon. And my favorite 25 cent slot machine is the Elvis red, white and blue 7's. Thanks so much for the story!

Anonymous said...

Oh I do remember that! Thanks for the memory.