Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Evacuation help is here

I know, I know it's a tad early to start thinking about evacuations, hurricanes and the like.

It's a wonderful thing when you come upon something so very worthwhile and ya found the dern site strictly by accident.

Well maybe it wasn't a fluke, maybe I was meant to find this site

Glad I did, so please help me spread the word. Go to
Evacuation Help read how to get involved, it's really quite simple. It could save someones life. All I can think of is the look on some of those folks during Katrina, not just New Orleans all over the Gulf Coast states. A whisper and it would have been right here in dear old Florida.

Their goal is to mobilize fellow Americans to build Pre-Disaster Relationships (PDR) across the country in the hopes to get everybody out of harms way ahead of time, in turn saving lives and helping each other to maintain a quality of life and preserve our integrity and pride.

So please, spend some time read the site and if you are in a position to volunteer it would be appreciated. They have a great contact, just email them if you have any questions. If not tell someone about Evacuation Help.

And yes I signed up.

stay tuna'd cause I bet there's more from this group on the horizon.

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