Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hoosier's Unite....

OK you don't have to be a Hoosier to be cheering for the Indianapolis Colt's to win the Super Bowl. BUT can you just imagine what it must be like in Indianapolis.

QB Manning will more than likely be going to the coveted football hall of fame, let's make sure he is wearing that SuperBowl ring when he arrives.

Coach Dungy on the other hand had a stellar career with among others, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coach Dungy, then QB Dungy played on the same team as a friend of ours Gary Dunn. Gary is one of the sweetest "big guys" you have ever met. I have had the great pleasure of wearing his Super Bowl ring - my it's heavy and quite large - but a beauty none the less. However the one ring Gary prizes more than any would be his Championship ring when playing for the University of Miami. I digress.

So let the madness begin. The media will converge on Miami and bore us to tears by the end of the week and we will wish the damn game was over.......with the Colt's being the Super Bowl Champions of course............stay tuna'd!!!

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mooncrazy said...

You wore Gary Dunn's ring? Imagine I have to read it on a blog. Ha! I find out more and more about you seester.

Check out a food blogger who LOVES the Colts.